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Driver’s License Restoration

New Jersey Traffic Offense Lawyer

Driving is a privilege, not a right. Your driver’s license may be suspended by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), formerly known as the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), if you accumulate too many points on your driving record from moving violations, or commit certain criminal traffic violations like driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of a controlled substance (DUI).

If your license was suspended, you have the right to take action to have it restored. Our New Jersey license suspension attorney can help you take the correct steps to get your license reinstated. At the Cifrodello Law Offices, we also help those facing traffic offenses to help them avoid suspension in the first place. No matter your needs, we are confident in our ability to address them – and we will fight to protect your interests.

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Restoring Licenses in Cranford, Plainfield, Summit, Elizabeth & Linden, NJ

If your license was suspended, it will be your responsibility to submit proof that you have completed the suspension term, paid tickets, or completed other necessary actions to have it reinstated. Our attorney can guide you through these steps and can make sure everything is completed properly and in a timely manner.

The license restoration process goes as follows:

  • Submit proof of completed suspension or paid tickets to the MVC
  • Pay a $100 reinstatement fee online, by mail, or in person
  • You will receive a Notice of Restoration in the mail

If your license expired during the time that it was suspended, you will need to apply for a new license.

After your license is restored, you will face a mandatory one-year probation period. During this time, you will face immediate license suspension if you commit a traffic violation. If the violation occurs within the first 6 months of your probation period, you will face a 90-day suspension. Lesser suspension terms apply for violations occurring later in the probation period.

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